I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today: Live in Sydney, 2010​-​2011

by Anonymeye



By happy coincidence, several of Brisbane's abstract-country-minimalist troubadour Anonymeye's performances in the city of Sydney in the Financial Year 2010-2011 were documented via audio and video recordings. Upon receiving these recordings from several kind souls, Anonymeye's Andrew Tuttle, as well as encountering a mild element of rude surprise ("do I really sound like that?", "I'm pretty po-faced right there", etc etc), took it upon himself to take some time out from the preparation of a new Anonymeye live performance setup to compile and edit elements of these separate shows into a singular new context.
The result is 'I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today: Anonymeye, Live in Sydney 2010-11', a downloadable, self-released document of Anonymeye's ongoing musical embracement of Australia's largest city. The only Anonymeye live compilation released to date, 'I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today...' features reworkings of songs from previous releases and early interpretations of pieces from 'Anontendre', the third Anonymeye studio album, set for release later in 2011 on the Someone Good label.
'I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today...' is a vivid and varied representation of Anonymeye's live performance, with a combination of mixing board and hand-held recording devices in these instances capturing Tuttle's creative re-generations of previously composed pieces and entirely new improvisations for acoustic guitar, synthesiser, electronics, harmonica, voice, and computer. Anonymeye's incorporation of a deep melting pot of musical influences is apparent on this compilation, with elements of country music, kosmiche pop, minimalism, folk, bluegrass and drone surfacing at various times throughout.
A word to the wise - there's some Jenga-like moments, some pleasantly surprising turns, and the occasional volume surge on 'I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today...'. Kind of like a live gig, really. The only thing missing is a liberal addition of banter, and with a tip of the hat to those at the New Weird Australia and Sound Series performances in particular, that's probably a good thing.
‘I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today: Anonymeye, Live in Sydney 2010-11' by Anonymeye is available as a free download from www.anonymeye.com and anonymeye.bandcamp.com.

Andrew Tuttle/Anonymeye:
web: www.anonymeye.com 
bandcamp: anonymeye.bandcamp.com 
email: andrew@halftheory.com


released April 6, 2011




Anonymeye Brisbane, Australia

From 2004-2013 Anonymeye was a nom de plume of Andrew Tuttle from Brisbane, Australia.

Anonymeye reconfigures organic and mechanic musics within a sonic framework akin to an abstract musical Esperanto. Electronic/acoustic instrumentation: acoustic guitar, signal processing, banjo, synthesisers, etc. Blurring boundaries between improvisation/composition + experimentation/song-form
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