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1. Demarchy (from Anontendre CD, Someone Good, 2011)
2. Good Times, Classic Hits (previously unreleased)
3. Khawaja (previously unreleased)
4. Anonymocracy (previously unreleased, original version on Song Traveller CS, BSR, 2009)

VIDEO (directed by Andrew Tuttle):

The Demarchy EP, with the title track from Anonymeye's third album 'Anontendre', is rounded off with two exclusive tracks, both edited one-take improvisations hinting at future sonic directions for Anonymeye; and a re-mastered version of an old favourite from a long sold out cassette edition.

Anontendre is available via Someone Good ( and Anonymeye bandcamp (

Anonymeye = Andrew Tuttle


released December 15, 2011


- Foxy Digitalis: "This is just an incredibly lovely album, and certainly challenges the possibilities of how modern electronics and acoustic instruments can be combined, while steering far clear of any “folktronica” cliches."

- Boomkat: "...the Anonymeye sound meshes the organic and the electronic in a confluence of improvised and meticulously composed techniques."

- Textura: "What clearly identifies the material as Anonymeye is the meeting between analog and digital worlds: acoustic folk, in the form of picking, strums, and tremolo-laden shudder, and kosmische psychedelia, in the form of synthesizer burble that flows constantly through Tuttle's tracks."

- Vital Weekly: "Anonymeye plays some very nice tunes on his guitar which are supported by the other instruments. Hyper psychedelic drones in the opening of 'Federation', but then the guitar drops in, breezing like fresh air."

- Norman Records: "The material on this album seems to vary from quite complex and melodic fingerpicked guitar to fairly minimal drone. It's constantly evolving and never really grating. I like it."

- 4ZZZ FM: "Background music for the front of your mind, the soundtrack to a life so wonderful you can only stand-back and watch in awe."

- The Chocolate Pudding Cup: "Anontendre is easily the best Anonymeye release so far and as long as Tuttle keeps making music as creative and cohesive as this, the rest of the world is sure to notice."

- Twiceremoved: "This is what makes Anonymeye stand out in the field of guitar and laptop artists - it gives him his signature sound and shows that he is proficient with the instrument rather than just using as a drone/shoe gaze style accompaniment."




Anonymeye Brisbane, Australia

From 2004-2013 Anonymeye was a nom de plume of Andrew Tuttle from Brisbane, Australia.

Anonymeye reconfigures organic and mechanic musics within a sonic framework akin to an abstract musical Esperanto. Electronic/acoustic instrumentation: acoustic guitar, signal processing, banjo, synthesisers, etc. Blurring boundaries between improvisation/composition + experimentation/song-form
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